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 (kăd′mən) Died c. 680.
Anglo-Saxon poet, considered the earliest English poet. According to Bede, he was an elderly herdsman who received the power of song in a vision.


(Biography) 7th century ad, Anglo-Saxon poet and monk, the earliest English poet whose name survives


(ˈkæd mən)

fl. A.D. c670, Anglo-Saxon religious poet.
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Besserman offers thorough readings of Caedmon's Hymn and two Middle English lyrics as well as detailed readings of portions of the Old English Exodus, Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Troilus and Criseyde, and Le Morte Darthur.
Similarly, the attribution of ignoble motives to Bede's non-reproduction of the text of Caedmon's hymn can be disregarded, for a vernacular text would have no place in the Latin composition that was the Ecclesiastical History.
Caedmon's hymn and material cultural in the world of Bede.
Caedmon's Hymn opens: "Nu scylum hergan hefaenricase Uard, Metudaes maecti end his modgidanc.
linguistic stress, metrical stress, alliteration, caesura) and illustrates it with lines of Caedmon's Hymn (c.
As the Chief Editor, Geoffrey Harlow, rightly comments, the word 'minor' is unfortunate, and the words 'seminal' and 'essential' are offered as more appropriate labels for such works as Caedmon's Hymn, Maldon, Finnsburh, and Brunanburh.
Fulk employs, as representative of the established chronology, a dated list of twenty poems, from Caedmon's Hymn (657-80) to Durham (1110), drawn up by Thomas Cable in 1981.