n.1.Art of producing metal decorative work other than statuary, as reliefs, intaglios, engraving, chasing, etc.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Charopidae Suteria ide (Gray 1850) Otoconchidae Otoconcha dimidiata (Pfeiffer 1853) Discidae Discus rotundatus (Muller 1774) Anguispira alternata (Say 1816) Euconulidae Euconulus fulvus (Muller 1774) Helicarionidae Plegma caelatura (Ferussac 1821) Ariophantidae Ratnadvipia sp.
Amphithalamus vallei Aguayo & Jaume, 1947 Barleeia rubrooperculata (Castellanus, 1972) Caelatura barcellosi Absalao & Rios, 1995 Caelatura sp.
Mandahl-Barth (1988) reduced all the species of Caelatura into only one species, namely Caelatura aegyptiaca.
Therefore, the present work was designed to study the genetic variation between two morphologically similar freshwater unionid bivalves common in the Egyptian Nile at Giza; Caelatura(Caelatura) companyoi and Caelatura (Caelatura) prasidens, which were described by Mandahl-Barth (1988) as one species and by Ibrahim et al.
RAPD analysis was performed using DNA extracted from two forms of Caelatura bivalves the first was Caelatura (Caelatura) companyoi (Fig.
The RAPD-PCR analys is used here, has proven to be helpful in taxonomic studies of Caelatura spp.