Caen stone

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Ca´en stone´

1.A cream-colored limestone for building, found near Caen, France.
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Norwich Cathedral One of the most complete major Romanesque buildings in Europe, its Caen stone was transported from Normandy but fashioned by local masons.
Caen today is an attractive town with beautiful abbeys and churches, and houses built with mellow Caen stone.
HDS was used because the architect wanted a complete visual image of the Caen stone walls, marble wainscot and detailing and the pink marble floor.
The problem is with the Caen stone from France used to build the front wing in 1847 that faces The Mall.
The original, in distinctive light-coloured Caen stone, cost pounds 3,937 in 1854.
Mr McGunigle, along with other members of the Forum, his brother Leonard, Paul Green and Ray Leary, is now trying to raise pounds 3m to realise the plans in marble, instead of the original Caen stone.