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A town of northwest Wales on a narrow strait of the Irish Sea opposite Anglesey Island. The investiture of Charles as Prince of Wales took place in the castle here in 1969.


(kɑːˈnɑːvən) ,




(Placename) a port and resort in NW Wales, in Gwynedd on the Menai Strait: 13th-century castle. Pop: 9726 (2001)
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From the time of the Edwards such buildings as Conway or Caernarvon castles, to say nothing of Royal Windsor, had shown that it was possible to secure luxury in peace as well as security in times of trouble.
1969: Prince Charles was invested as Prince of Wales by the Queen at Caernarvon Castle.
The 18-year-old victim was with her partner, a friend and one-year-old son in the house in Caernarvon Close, Grangetown, when the fire was started on Sunday at about 4.
Lewis, now of Caernarvon Way, Rumney, Cardiff, then punched Mr Payne on the forehead.
1911: The Prince of Wales's investiture took place at Caernarvon Castle.
Instead, they're currently in a caravan in Caernarvon, from where they've been sending me pictures of them happily playing beach cricket in the pouring rain.
Caernarvon Township supervisors voted Tuesday night to advertise a change to the zoning ordinance that would allow solar panels in all zoning districts in the township.
Their real target was a neighbour who had earlier been arrested, Caernarvon Crown Court was told.
Others were stored in Caernarvon Castle, Plas-y-Bryn, at Bontnewydd, and Crosswood, near Aberystwyth, whichhad70 paintings in its library.
The Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion Project, funded in the mid-1980s, could be one model for this approach.
Glyn died at home near Caernarvon, north Wales, on Friday night surrounded by his wife Carrie and children Cathy, 36 and Lloyd.
Owen, who died at his home in Caernarvon on Friday night after a short illness, made 600 TV appearances.