Caesalpinia bonduc

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Noun1.Caesalpinia bonduc - tropical tree with large prickly pods of seeds that resemble beans and are used for jewelry and rosaries
bonduc nut, nicker nut, nicker seed - hard shiny grey seed of a bonduc tree; used for making e.g. jewelry
Caesalpinia, genus Caesalpinia - small spiny tropical trees or shrubs; includes the small genus or subgenus Poinciana
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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Seeds samples collected for the study were Citrullus lanatus (watermelon), Chrysophyllum albidum (star apple), Calophyllum inophyllum, Hura crepitans (sand box), Caesalpinia bonduc (nicker nut), Jatropha curcas (barbados nut) and Magnifera indica (mango).
Keywords: Caesalpinia bonduc Caesalpinia pulcherrina caesanol 6p 7p-dibenzoyloxyvouacapen-5a-ol isolation.
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Effect of stem cuttings and hormonal pre-treatment on propagation of Embelia tsjeriam and Caesalpinia bonduc, two important medicinal plant species.
They propagated two shrub medicinal species viz Caesalpinia bonduc and Embelia tsjeriam through stem cuttings by applying exogenous plants growth regulators including Indole Acetic Acid (IAA), a- Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) and Indole 3 Butyric Acid (IBA).
In the classical texts of Persian herbal medicine, a plant called bateh perhaps may be related to Caesalpinia bonduc (L.
These larvae, and all others used in the studies we report here, originated from stock sourced from a wild population at BHSP and were raised on Caesalpinia bonduc L.
A trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibitor from Caesalpinia bonduc seeds: isolation, partial characterization and insecticidal properties.
Leaves and top of stems of Clerodendrum viscosum along with leaves of Trichosanthes dioica and leaves of Caesalpinia bonduc are macerated and the juice obtained is fed to cattle with seeds of Piper nigrum 3-4 times daily.