Caesalpinia coriaria

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Noun1.Caesalpinia coriaria - small thornless tree or shrub of tropical America whose seed pods are a source of tannin
Caesalpinia, genus Caesalpinia - small spiny tropical trees or shrubs; includes the small genus or subgenus Poinciana
divi-divi - twisted seed pods of the divi-divi tree; source of tannin
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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The vegetation of Bonaire is typical of dry islands in the eastern Caribbean, including common plants that provide food to the parrot, such as the golden-spined cactus Pilosocereus lanuginosus, apple cactus Subpilocereus repandus, candle cactus Stenocereus griseus, calabash Crescentia cujete, pigeon berry Bourreria succulenta, lignum-vitae Guaicum sanctum, olive wood Capparis odoratissima, gumbo limbo Bursera simaruba, logwood Haematoxylum brasiletto, mesquite Pro-sopis juliflora, divi-divi Caesalpinia coriaria, West Indian cherry Malpighia emarginata and indigo berry Randia aculeata.
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Anthelmintic Effect of Tannins from Dividivi (Caesalpinia coriaria) on Lambs
There are pots of Watapana (Caesalpinia coriaria), Pal'sia blanku (Bursera karsteniana), and Watakeli [Bourrerla succulenta).