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Noun1.Cesar Chavez - United States labor leader who organized farm workers (born 1927)
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Moreno had paid a courtesy call on Kim at the US embassy yesterday morning, accompanied by his chief of staff Caesar Chavez.
Six of her grandchildren carried the pine coffin from Maryhouse on East Third Street to Nativity Catholic Church on the edge of the Bowery In the street procession were longtime friends like Caesar Chavez and Michael Harrington, mingled among the tattered, tired and "least of these"--the victims of the nation's economic violence.
The title of the aesthetic fandango down on Caesar Chavez is "There Aunt No Forgettin'." EMEK is on tap next for this vanguard hill country space.
It is not stretching the point to designate Caesar Chavez a hero for fighting agricultural big business money and power by organizing a union for farm workers.
Claudia Larson became a filmmaker to tell Day's story, and has ably compressed into 57 minutes Day's extraordinary 83-year life, from setting up Depression-era soup kitchens and co-founding the newspaper to unionizing farm workers with Caesar Chavez and protesting the Vietnam War.
Carol Butzow, an elementary ESL teacher, and John Butzow (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) provide 30 brief standards-based lesson units centered around picture books featuring the life and activities of heroic figures in American history, from George Washington to Rosa Parks, Caesar Chavez, and Neil Armstrong.
Neary -- a former soldier from Fairfield -- was the champion, Holligan -- who had shared a ring with the great Julio Caesar Chavez just months earlier -- the challenger.
Thomas Paine gave voice to her in his pamphlet "Common Sense" and in "The Rights of Man." She led Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Shirley Chrisom, Caesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr., among others, to employ her name as they sought truth, equality, justice and freedom.