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 (sē′zə-rē′ə, sĕs′ə-, sĕz′ə-)
1. also Caesarea Pal·e·sti·nae (păl′ĭ-stī′nē) An ancient seaport of Palestine south of present-day Haifa, Israel. It was founded (30 bc) by Herod the Great and later became the capital of Roman Judea. The city was destroyed by Muslims in 1265.
2. also Caesarea Phil·ip·pi (fĭl′ĭ-pī, fĭ-lĭp′ī) An ancient city of northern Palestine near Mount Hermon in present-day southwest Syria. It was built in the first century ad on the site of a center for the worship of Pan.
3. also Caesarea Maz·a·ca (măz′ə-kə) An ancient city of Cappadocia on the site of present-day Kayseri in central Turkey. The chief city of the region, it was destroyed by Persians in ad 260.


(Placename) an ancient port in NW Israel, capital of Roman Palestine: founded by Herod the Great


(ˌsi zəˈri ə, ˌsɛs ə-, ˌsɛz ə-)

1. an ancient seaport in NW Israel: Roman capital of Palestine.
2. ancient name of Kayseri.
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Noun1.Caesarea - an ancient seaport in northwestern Israel; an important Roman city in ancient Palestine
Israel, State of Israel, Yisrael, Zion, Sion - Jewish republic in southwestern Asia at eastern end of Mediterranean; formerly part of Palestine
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Archbishop of Caesaria of Cappadocia, the founder and organizer of the
Archaeologists in Israel have begun work to restore a once-towering ancient-Roman temple in the modern-day Mediterranean city of Caesaria.
That's the beauty of Mercedes Sosa, Caesaria Evoria, Miriam Makeba-their voices are full of the history of the world.
An eighth grade geography textbook describes Tiberias, Haifa, Caesaria, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Be'er Sheva and other Israeli cities as Palestinian cities.
The Israelis have never formally admitted responsibility for that bombing, but it bore all the hallmarks of the Mossad's notorious Caesaria section, its death squad.
Jim Bolger will be doubly represented at the French venue, running Caesaria in the Group 3 Prix de Seine-Et-Oise and Korba in the Group 3 Prix Miesque for two-year-old fillies.
Jim Bolger stole the show with a near 194-1 four-timer courtesy of Saburo, Caesaria, Rehn's Nest and Alpinist.
Caesaria added to the yard's success in the following maiden and superior fitness again seemed to tell, the 5-1 chance hitting 150 en route to defeating another O'Brien runner, Master Speaker, who touched 1.
Eusebius of Caesaria, the first church historian, in his Ecclesiastical History, further tells of how the eunuch returned to diffuse the Christian teachings in his native land shortly after the Resurrection and prior to the arrival of the Apostle Matthew.
Her archaeological projects on glass have included cataloguing and researching the 4th century pieces found at Arbeia Roman Fort, South Shields, England, and over 3,000 fragments from Caesaria.
We try to put you in the street scene of Old Havana and give you a high-energy dining experience," said Pick, who grew up in the Mediterranean resort town of Caesaria.
There was Caesaria, who insisted that her nuns study two hours a day, there was Radgund, there was Agnes, there was Mildred.