n.1.A humble inn or house of rest for travelers, where coffee is sold.
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Prior to Verdada, he held a variety of leadership positions at businesses including The Middleband Group, a strategic product marketing consultancy, Tribe Communications (acquired by Zoom), an early packet switching pioneer, CafeNet, a public network of Internet access terminals, and Whistle Communications (acquired by IBM).
Today, the CafeNet West Coast Chapter provides job, knowledge and networking opportunities to managers, directors, vice presidents and C-level executives in the high-tech sectors in Southern California.
The promise of anytime, anyplace Internet access is rapidly becoming a reality since our users can access their personalized e-mail, the World Wide Web, Telnet and Chat from any of our CafeNet sites in Los Angeles, Oregon and, soon, the Bay area," said Mark Sigal, Vice President of CafeNet, a company that places Internet workstations in existing coffee houses.
There were no cafenets anywhere in the city, my guide conjecturing that Khorasan Province--seat of this "place of martyrdom"--might forbid them on cultural grounds.