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cafeter′ia plan`

a fringe-benefit plan under which employees may choose from among various benefits those that best fit their needs up to a specified dollar value.
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Swerdlin and company provides actuarial, consulting, administrative, and recordkeeping services for all types of retirement, health, and cafeteria plans to clients nationwide.
Benefits advisors are fighting on Capitol Hill to get owners of small businesses permission to use the cafeteria plans they sponsor.
Cafeteria plans allow employees to pay, on a pretax basis, for individual health insurance premiums not otherwise paid for by their employer.
Heestand predicts the expanding world of DC health plans, fueled by elements of health care reform, could also represent the stirrings of a new interest in "cafeteria plans," through which spending on health benefits and other employer-sponsored offerings-especially retirement benefits-will be brought closer together over time.
Unlike the individual exchanges, the federal subsidy is not available in the SHOP exchanges, but employers can use cafeteria plans to allow employees to pay their portion of the premium on a pre-tax basis.
SIMPLE cafeteria plans. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act amended IRC Section 125 to allow eligible employers' cafeteria plans to qualify as SIMPLE cafeteria plans.
Is there anything good on the menu today for cafeteria plans? Yes, actually there is something new on the menu and everyone is going to enjoy it.
The company specializes in group medical, dental, life and disability insurance, with an emphasis on consumer-directed plans such as health savings accounts, health reimbursement arrangements and cafeteria plans, Arthur J.
There are several carriers that will assist businesses in establishing Section 125 Cafeteria plans at no cost.
Larger employers (or their benefits and payroll administrators) commonly establish premium-only cafeteria plans to shelter the portion of the group insurance premium that is paid by employees.
As always, it covers the federal income, estate and gift taxation of everything from life insurance and health insurance to annuities, cafeteria plans, and pension and profit sharing plans.