Caffeic acid

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an acid obtained from coffee tannin, as a yellow crystalline substance, C9H8O4.

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Summary: Two new alkaloidal steroid glycosides; solanoid A and B (1 and 2), along with two known alkaloidal steroid glycosides; solamargine (3) and khasianine (4) a known steroidal saponin; dioscin (5), a benzoylated steroid, carpesterol (6) methyl caffeate (7), ferulic acid (8) and oleic acid (9) were isolated from the methanolic extract of Solanum surattense.
investigated the antiarthritic potential of ethyl caffeate (ECF) isolated from Elephantopus scaber L.
Reported crystals of proteins include CAPE (2) (PDB ID: 4QRF), ferulic acid phenetyl ester (FAPE) (4PWF), ethyl caffeate (4) (4PWG), and other derivatives [40].
Furthermore, it has been reported that benzyl caffeate, isolated from propolis, inhibits the formation of lipid peroxides and very low doses of propolis ethanol extract exert an antilipid peroxidative action [15].
Order and disorder: differential structural impacts of myricetin and ethyl caffeate on human amylase, an antidiabetic target.
Water deficits affect caffeate O-methyltransferase, lignifications, and related enzymes in maize leaves.
Each capsule of GutGard contained 150 mg of active components of licorice root (Clycyrrhiza glabra): glabridin (at least 3.5%), glabrol (at least 0.5%), eicosanyl caffeate (at least 0.1 %), docosyl caffeate (at least 0.1 %), and glycyrrhizin (not more than 0.5%; licorice root typically contains 4% glycyrrhizin).
Caffeoyl azides, 2-azidoethyl diacetyl caffeate 11 and N-(2-azidoethyl) diacetyl caffeamide 12 (Scheme 2), were obtained similar to their cinnamyl analogs by condensing diacetylcaffeoyl chloride with either 2-azidoethanol or 2azidoethanamine in pyridine/C[H.sub.2][Cl.sub.2] [37].
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