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 (kăf′tăn′, -tən, kăf-tăn′)
Variant of caftan.


(ˈkæftæn; -ˌtɑːn) or


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a long coatlike garment, usually worn with a belt and made of rich fabric, worn in the East
2. (Clothing & Fashion) an imitation of this, worn, esp by women, in the West, consisting of a loose dress with long wide sleeves
[C16: from Turkish qaftān]


or kaf•tan

(ˈkæf tæn, kæfˈtæn)

1. a long garment with long sleeves, sometimes sashed at the waist, worn in the Middle East.
2. a long full robe, similar to this, worn for lounging, as beachwear, etc.
[1585–95; < Russian kaftán < Turkish < Persian qaftān]
caf′taned, adj.
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Noun1.kaftan - a woman's dress style that imitates the caftan cloaks worn by men in the Near East
dress, frock - a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice
2.kaftan - a (cotton or silk) cloak with full sleeves and sash reaching down to the ankles; worn by men in the Levant
cloak - a loose outer garment


[ˈkæftæn] Ncaftán m


[ˈkæftæn] ncafetan m


[ˈkæftæn] ncaffettano



(ˈkӕftӕn) noun
a type of long flowing dress or robe sometimes brightly-coloured.
References in classic literature ?
The owner of the vile den, a bony short man in a dirty cloth caftan coming down to his heels, stood by, his hands tucked into his belt, and nodded confirmation.
"Yes, little father," the man in the long caftan said plaintively.
``Gentle maiden,'' be began in the Arabian tongue, with which his Eastern travels had rendered him familiar, and which he thought most likely to be understood by the turban'd and caftan'd damsel who stood before him ``I pray you, gentle maiden, of your courtesy ''
Included in her collection are caftans from which profits will be used help fight cancer.
It will showcase a collection of caftans, a traditional Moroccan garment, acquired by Saint Laurant and his business partner Pierre Berge.
Tribune News Network Doha The Turkish brand K by Kaprol has launched its latest Trunk Show for its collection of caftans SS 19 at Blue Salon.
Together, the ladies decided to focus on elegant caftans.
I have used decorative brocade, exquisite organza's and silks embellished with delicate hand embroidery with technical expertise and unique colour tones to create the ethereal caftans in the collection.
Caftans donned with a mix of style and nonchalance have become more mainstream.
International interest in traditional dress from the Middle East and North Africa hit its first peak in the 1960s, when wealthy Western hippies made Moroccan caftans the epitome of liberal, bohemian dress.
Spotting a niche in that market, Alam is one of a growing number of modern designers transforming the more conservative abayas and caftans into contemporary attire with touches of shimmery beads and patterns for the everyday woman.
remaking the 'ghetto'--by commissioning Secession and Wiener Werkstatte interiors; yet by supporting this style, they continue to mark their difference--or as the architect Adolf Loos commented, they merely replaced the old caftans of the ghetto with the new caftans of the Werkstatte." So what's a cultured Jew to do?