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n.1.(Zool) A kind of parrot, of a beautiful green color, found in the Philippine Islands.
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The political realm, long an arena for stagnation and complacency, has signs of new life as the people of Terre Haute and Vigo County give the new mayor, Kevin Burke, an 80 percent approval rating and supported candidates for county council who endorse the continuation of the new CAGIT and EDIT taxes (1).
More than half of CAGIT revenue must be used for property tax relief.
Census Bureau Table 2 Glossary of Terms and Acronyms AVGQ Assessed Value Growth Quotient CEDIT County Economic Development Income Tax CAGIT County Adjusted Gross Income Tax COIT County Option Income Tax PTRC Property Tax Replacement Credit DLGF Department of Local Government Finance LSA Indiana Legislative Services Agency Real Land and improvements considered Property permanent fixtures Personal Tangible property not permanently Property affixed to and part of real estate HEA House Enrolled Act SEA Senate Enrolled Act P.