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A city of east-central Puerto Rico south-southeast of San Juan. It is an industrial center in an agricultural region.


(ˈkɑ gwɑs)

a city in E central Puerto Rico. 126,298.
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As part of the first phase of improvements, Honeywell will rebuild the aeration and aerobic digestion systems at both the Barceloneta and Caguas plants by installing advanced controls, and energy-efficient blowers and diffusers.
Anselma was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico the daughter of Felix Adorno and Juana Perez and has lived in Worcester for over 33 years.
But Tracy said Cora actually began practicing going deep in the count while playing last winter in Caguas, Puerto Rico, before Wallach's arrival.
By late February, 14 distinct civil disobedience camps had been set up, including a Protestant camp established in November, and a camp built in February sponsored by the Catholic diocese of Caguas, Puerto Rico.
These properties span the entire island, from Cabo Rojo in the west, Isabela in the north to Rio Grande and Caguas in the east.
The college has campuses in Bayamon, Arecibo, Rio Grande, Ponce and Caguas.
T-Mobile has accomplished optimization of its infrastructure related to the LTE network across San Juan, Caguas, Guaynabo and Ponce, according to the reports in the media.
Colon-Vazquez, located in Caguas, PR, please call 787-747-2530.
She was born November 20, 1970 in Caguas Puerto Rico; her adoptive mother was the late Rosa Madera and her mother, Carmen Riviera.
Ubaldo Hernandez, super lightweights, Caguas, Puerto Rico, ESPN2.
At Sanes' funeral April 22, Catholic Bishop Alvaro Corrada del Rio of Caguas, whose diocese includes Vieques, declared, "We all know that the national security of Puerto Rico and the United States requires our participation, but too much can be asked on the road to freedom.
Its plant at Caguas will close and all resources will be concentrated at its other site on the island, in Manat, as it becomes impractical to run both sites during a time of cost saving.