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1. The uprising of the French peasants against the nobility in 1358.
2. jacquerie A peasant revolt, especially a very bloody one.

[French, from Old French jacquerie, peasantry, from jacques, peasant; see jacket.]


(Historical Terms) the revolt of the N French peasants against the nobility in 1358
[C16: from Old French: the peasantry, from jacque a peasant, from Jacques James, from Late Latin Jacōbus]


(ˌʒɑ kəˈri, ˌʒæk ə-)

1. the revolt of the peasants of N France against the nobles in 1358.
2. (l.c.) any peasant revolt.
[1520–30; < French, Middle French, =jaque(s) peasant + -rie -ry]


a revolt of peasants against the social classes above them.
See also: Conflict


1358 A French peasant revolt against the nobility.
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Apres l'echec de Kobane, oo Daech a sacrifie des milliers de combattants, et surtout depuis Tall Abyad, le groupe se replie sans a peine combattre", souligne a l'AFP Romain Caillet, expert des mouvements jihadistes.
I don't think the Russians and the Americans will be able to stop their allies from fighting each other forever," said Romain Caillet, a French expert on militant movements.
Some analysts, including the French jihadi observer Romain Caillet, believe Abaaoud's role was limited to recruitment and logistics--which still could be the case in some of the multiple plots.
Este, segundo Caillet (2001) esta sujeito a uma diversidade de complicacoes pelo fato de encontrar-se exposto e, com a pratica de esportes e suas competicoes podem-se multiplicar as chances de traumatismos, doencas e lesoes no joelho.
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Pour l'expert, Romain Caillet, [beaucoup moins que] toutes les conditions sont reunies pour imaginer une issue similaire a l'Irak ou la Syrie.
your men will end up in videos that are even more horrific and will do lasting damage to public opinion in your countries," said Romain Caillet, an expert on militant movements.
Segun explico en julio pasado Romain Caillet, experto frances en cuestiones islamistas, en la pagina web Llaves de Medio Oriente, si bien las dos organizaciones comparten referencias ideologicas, difieren en tres puntos esenciales de orden generacional, politico y doctrinal.
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