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Noun1.Cairene - a native or inhabitant of Cairo
Al Qahira, capital of Egypt, Egyptian capital, El Qahira, Cairo - the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa; a major port just to the south of the Nile delta; formerly the home of the Pharaohs
Egyptian - a native or inhabitant of Egypt
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Small-scale riots took place in the Mohandessin neighbourhood of Cairo on Tuesday night after a football match between Cairene arch-rivals Al-Ahly and Al-Zamalek, and eight fans were arrested.
For example, local Cairene custom dictates that Sudanese immigrants must go through either housing agencies or middlemen just in order to meet landlords and secure apartments.
The languages were chosen for different reasons: Cairene Arabic, because it is the best described of the Neo-Arabic varieties; Turoyo, because it is most abundantly documented; and Amharic because it is the modern Semitic language in which the StP constructions expanded the farthest.
And, in a subtle response to Egyptian declarations of solidarity and acceptance, Sudanese expressed their moral superiority and hence separate identity within the larger Cairene society of which they are part through visiting strategies that emphasized the duty to remain connected to family and friends despite the great difficulty in doing so.
This installation puts the visitor at the entry of an elite Cairene household of the Burji Mamluk period (1382-1517), able to appreciate the transregional connectivities of the early modern Islamic world: the intricacy of the carving is attributed to stone masons from Anatolia working in the Mamluk capital.
However, although the economic situation of Nubians, Upper Egyptians, and the Cairene poor does not differ much in material terms, the novel depicts how they have come to occupy different rungs on the social hierarchy in contemporary Egypt.
In the context of intense poverty in Cairene society, Patience looks critically at the absence of education opportunities and medical services that Saber and his family might access.
That Amer is Cairene only intensifies the radical effect of her subject; quite like Shirin Neshat, she is a standard-bearer of a certain anti-patriarchal conviction.
Anyone who lives in this region will have undergone some minor-key variation on the Cairene theme, perhaps daily.
Other rugs that will be available are the Lafoes carpet and a circular Ottoman Cairene carpet.
There are still languages, like Cairene Arabic, that refer to the maximally parsed foot structure to locate the primary stress, yet they do not recognise secondary stress.
I've had several bespoke suits made by Cairene haberdashers - some are better than others, and I would encourage you to try and get a recommendation before you invest your time, hope and money.