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 (kāth′nĕs, kāth-nĕs′)
A historical region and former county of northeast Scotland. Settled by the Picts, it was overrun by the Vikings in the ninth century and reverted to Scottish rule in 1202.


(keɪθˈnɛs; ˈkeɪθnɛs)
(Placename) (until 1975) a county of NE Scotland, now part of Highland


(ˈkeɪθ nɛs, keɪθˈnɛs)

a historic county in NE Scotland.
Also called Caith•ness•shire (ˈkeɪθ nɛsˌʃɪər, -ʃər, keɪθˈnɛs-)
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The elderly pensioner, from Thurso, Caithness, suffered serious injuries as a result of the incident and died the following day.
He has been suspended after two separate allegations of gross misconduct at Caithness General Hospital in Wick.
Her Majesty arrived half an hour late at the Mey games, in Caithness, because she had a late lunch with friends for the Glorious 12th - the first day of the grouse shooting season.
All ownership interests and management of the Coso Projects have been transferred to Caithness, effective today, including indirect interests in Coso Finance Partners (Navy I), Coso Energy Developers (BLM) and Coso Power Developers (Navy II).
SCOTLAND'S Krystle Caithness enjoyed a sensational last day at the Dutch Open as she hit a hole in one on her way to a career-best second-place finish.
Brian Smith, from Wick, Caithness, died after being plucked from stormy seas by helicopter in a daring rescue bid.
Her attempts to take over workshops on the Dounreay nuclear site at Caithness floundered when workers threatened to strike.
A PENSIONER who went missing from sheltered accommodation in Caithness was found dead on a remote beach at the weekend.
Richard Campbell, 21, was sitting in the family's car outside their home in Wick, Caithness, when he poured petrol over himself and lit a match.
A police Ford Mondeo, carrying two officers, was in collision with a Toyota carrying three people on the A882 Wick to Thurso Road near Watten, Caithness.
companies, FPL Energy LLC and Caithness Energy LLC, also announced that courts in Singapore and Hong Kong had, like a U.