in a heartbeat

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The defense will be headed up by a pair of seniors, defender Gabby McBane and goalie Caitie Sciabica, a captain.
OHIO--Denise Barlage, Rosalie Battle, Shawn Beasy, Sarah Book, Sean Bowerman, Sonia Brown, Lauren Chalupa, Simone Clute, William Delbridge, Caitie Earls, Wendi Faulkner, Bernice Gaiter, James Green, Suzette Hall, Damon Harris, Joan Hedrick, Ronnie Hopkins, Duncan Jamieson, Rob Jeffreys, Michael Kent, Dave Marquis, David McCartney, Katelyn McKinley, William Merrill, Kimberly Parks, Gary Pember, Stephen Ratcliff, Brandi Robinson,
Caitie Turner tackled Blondie's hit song "Call Me," and her voice was on point.
McAneney, Caitie. Bobcats (Creatures of the Forest Habitat).
Valentine's Day proved to be a most blessed day for couple Jericho Jose 'Jayjay' and Christine del Feliz Lucas, the parents of Caitlin Soleil 'Courageous Caitie' Lucas, who died of a rare disease last year.
You must have heard of "Courageous Caitie", a little girl whose story has gone big on social media, and whose Facebook page has had over 14,000 people following her, but for a different and heart-rending reason.
"Stories are clearer when they're leading toward a climax," says Elite Performance Challenge judge Caitie McCarthy.
Clare Doolin and Lindsay Gurska; Meghan Hayes and Caitie Benoit.
Caitie Leibman lives and writes in southeastern Nebraska.