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 (kə-hō′nāz′, kō-hō′nĕs)
pl.n. Vulgar Slang
1. The testicles.
a. Boldness or courage.
b. Presumptuousness; nerve.

[Spanish, pl. of cojón, testicle, from Vulgar Latin *cōleō*cōleōn-, from Latin cōleī, testicles, perhaps a colloquial variant of *culleī and akin to culleus, leather sack, probably a borrowing from an unknown Indo-European language of the Mediterranean and akin to Greek koluthron, ripe fig (perhaps originally "sacklike thing"), koluthroi, testicles, and koleon, sheath; see coleopteran.]
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pl n
1. (Anatomy) testicles
2. manly courage
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United boss Robbie Neilson talked about "cajones", but little did he realise Saints were on the crest of a wave.
OPINION If you do have the cajones to sack a manager in that situation, you have to make sure you have a Plan B.
Este volumen propone al lector una ruta particular por alcobas, bolsillos, salones, cementerios, celdas y cajones, siguiendo siempre el rastro de una fotografia.
That would have required cajones and the courage of their convictions.
Unfortunately, nobody has the cajones to do that and is too afraid of missing out on something that has yet to exist.
"This is what happened, I always get Howard by the cajones. I said, 'You know what, you're really a piece ...