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also Ca·jan  (kā′jən)
A member of a group of people in southern Louisiana descended from French colonists exiled from Acadia in the 1700s.
Of or relating to the Cajuns or their culture.

[Alteration of Acadian.]


1. (Peoples) a native of Louisiana descended from 18th-century Acadian immigrants
2. (Languages) the dialect of French spoken by such people
3. (Music, other) the music of this ethnic group, combining blues and European folk music
4. (Peoples) denoting, relating to, or characteristic of such people, their language, or their music
5. (Languages) denoting, relating to, or characteristic of such people, their language, or their music
6. (Music, other) denoting, relating to, or characteristic of such people, their language, or their music
[C19: alteration of Acadian; compare Injun for Indian]


(ˈkeɪ dʒən)

1. a member of the traditionally Roman Catholic, French-speaking population of rural S Louisiana, descended largely from French colonists expelled from Acadia in 1755–63.
2. the form of French spoken by the Cajuns.
[1875–80; aph. variant of Acadian]
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Noun1.Cajun - a Louisianian descended from Acadian immigrants from Nova Scotia (`Cajun' comes from `Acadian')
Acadian - an early French settler in the Maritimes


A. ADJcajún
Cajun cookerycocina f tipo cajún
B. N
1. (= person) → cajún mf
2. (Ling) → cajún m
A los habitantes del sur de Luisiana que hablan un dialecto francés se les llama Cajuns. Son los descendientes de los canadienses franceses expulsados de Nueva Escocia por los británicos en 1755, llamada entonces Acadia (Cajun es la forma acortada de Acadian). El dialecto combina francés arcaico con inglés y español, junto con algunas palabras y frases hechas indias. Tanto su comida picante como su música se conocen hoy en el mundo entero.


adj [music, food, area] → cajun inv
(= person) → Cajun mf
(LINGUISTICS) (= language) → cajun m
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