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A region of southern Louisiana settled by Acadians in the 1700s and now a center of Cajun culture.
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The Cajun Country Revival will perform on Friday at 8pm at The Lost Arc in Rhayader, shortly after headlining Shrewsbury Folk Festival.
This is Cajun country, full of historical French-inspired influence that extends from lodging to attractions to cuisine.
It has a relaxing, casual environment, with food that came from the traditions of the Cajun country, with a heavy hand for pepper and the idea that more food is always better food.
And in Cajun country, the good old boys treat redfish (or red drum) like filet mignon.
This particular district, Lafayette Parish, is in the heart of Cajun country. Year over year, from the time that they implemented a high-quality math curriculum, Lafayette has consistently improved at every grade level.
"A Cajun Christmas Killing" is the recipe-stuffed third installment of Ellen Byron's simply outstanding 'Cajun Country Mystery' series and is unreservedly recommended for community library Mystery/Suspense collections.
Growing up in Thibodaux, La., a small city in Lafourche Parish in the heart of Cajun country, about 40 miles southwest of New Orleans, Ray comes from a family of veterinarians.
MUSIC Cajun Country Revival Comprising musicians Jesse Lege and Joel Savoy and two members of Portland Oregon's Foghorn Stringband, this group presents a music that seems to embody all of the things that make life wonderful and together they've delighted audiences around the world celebrating Cajun and early Country music.
CAJUN Country Revival is a veritable supergroup of American Roots musicians and they will be performing the penultimate date of an enormously successful UK tour at the Victoria Hotel in Menai Bridge on Thursday, June 2.
Rachel Hamer Band, RANT, Chris Meredith & Watchtone, King Cole and a stand-out free event on the Sunday afternoon in the park featuring Joel Savoy, Jesse Lege in the Cajun Country Revival which happens to include members of the wonderful Foghorn Stringband.
When he speaks, it is clear that Louisiana Senator Jonathan "J.P." Perry is from the heart of "Cajun Country." His warm, easy drawl is integral to his "other" career as a comedian known as "the Cajun Ambassador." Before being elected to the state House in 2007 and winning a special election to the Senate in 2011, he was a police sergeant, city councilman and assistant district attorney.