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cal·car 1

n. pl. cal·car·i·a (kăl-kâr′ē-ə)
A spur or spurlike projection, such as one found on the base of a petal or on the wing or leg of a bird.

[Latin, spur, from calx, calc-, heel.]

cal·car 2

A furnace formerly used in glassmaking for calcination of materials into frit.

[Italian calcara, from Late Latin calcāria (fornāx), lime(-kiln), from Latin, feminine of calcārius, of lime; see calcareous.]
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n, pl calcaria (kælˈkɛərɪə)
(Biology) a spur or spurlike process, as on the leg of a bird or the corolla of a flower
[C19: from Latin, from calx heel]
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(ˈkæl kɑr)

n., pl. cal•car•i•a (kælˈkɛər i ə)
a spur or spurlike process.
[< Latin: spur]
cal′ca•rate`, adj.
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volans]; Parker and others 1997), 2 possess prominent keels on their calcars (M.
Tail does not extend beyond the inter-femoral membrane which is supported by calcars. Female have two pectoral mammae with two more false teats in the pubic region.
Felix Kramer, founder of, says it will all--eventually--work out.
According to the California Cars Initiative (CalCars), which promotes plug-in hybrids, Americans recharging their plug-ins via a regular 120V outlet should expect to pay about $1 per gallon equivalent.
My hunch was correct: this bat had calcars, long pieces of cartilage that proved to be early adaptations for flight, not for catching insects as had been previously thought.
Later, Gremban will lift the hatchback and unspool a yellow cord that represents the singular obsession of CalCars, of which he is the technology lead.
CalCars, a PHEV advocacy group, working with EnergyCS, has developed a conversion kit for retrofitting the Toyota Prius to PHEV status.
Americans for Energy Independence noted that the cartoon, titled "Bettah!," was conceived by, the California Cars Initiative.
(NASDAQ:EEEI), Danbury, Conn., a leading provider of advanced battery technologies and associated systems, is developing a custom-designed prototype battery pack for CalCars' Toyota PRIUS+ Test Vehicle, which is the centerpiece of the California Cars Initiative (CalCars) program promoting the commercial use and mass production of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).