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 (kā′lə) also Ka·lakh (kä′läKH)
An ancient city of Assyria on the Tigris River south of present-day Mosul, Iraq. It was probably built in the 13th century bc.
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Coach Let Dimzon has formed a pool of 23 players for this mission, with overseas-based Stacey Cavill from Perth Glory in Australia, and Patricia Tomanon (Florida International U), Eva Madarang (Rogers State U), Tara Shelton (Hloy Names Academy) and Calah Simarago (UC Sta.
Furthermore, much to their dismay, the Cam were separated from each other and scattered (Cam: calah) in different hamlets and villages (CM38 [8], p.
Also part of the 23-man squad are Claire Lim, Alesa Dolino, Krystal de Ramos, Morgan Brown, Camille Rodriguez, Maria Park, Jesse Shugg, Caitlyn Kreutz, Ryley Bugay, Kearra Bastes-Jones, Leah Larot, Alexa Diaz, Stacey Cavill, Calah Simarago, Tahnai Annis, Patrice Impelido, Quinley Quezada, Jessica Miclat, Chalise Baysa and Sarina Bolden.
Luukko also discusses the letters found in different locations in Calah, such as the Governor's Palace, the Burnt Palace, and rooms surrounding ZT 4, and considers the interrelations between them and the Nimrud Letters.
Aidan DeGarmo, Allica Derry, Hannah DesChamp, Sarah Diess, Samantha Donovan, Alex Dupre, Riley Edmondson, Stormie Ehret, Kaleo Ettel, Calah Feuerstein, Stefan Fields, Alexander Finch, Jeffery Flores, Clayton Fritts, Gabriel Galyon, Rosa Garcia Contreras, Madison Glenn, Tevin Goddard, Marcos Godinez-Martinez, Devin Godley, Abigail Griego, Juan Guerrero Romero, Alexis Guillen, Erika Guillen-Mora,
Her time was 2:42:12, well behind the American winner, Calah Schlabach, with a time of 1:58:27.
and his wife Shelly, of Southbridge; 3 grandchildren, Scott King of Brookfield, Tracy King Dresser of Dudley, and James King, Jr., of Southbridge; and 6 great-grandchildren, Ashley, Noah, and Amber King of Brookfield, and Calah, Cassie, and Josiah Dresser of Dudley.
Some students, like Chamara Moore of Chicago and Calah Williams of North Miami, are young members of the American Mensa Ltd.
From that land he went into Assyria, and built Nineveh, Rehoboth-ir, Calah, and Resen between Nineveh and Calah; that is the great city," NRSV.
In the north, the old Assyrian capitals of Nineveh and Calah (Nimrud) were also targeted.
The Old Testament calls Nimrud (the ancient Calah) "the principal city" of the Assyrian empire, which ravaged neighboring kingdoms from Persia to Egypt.
Van Buylaere's edition of Sin-sarru-iskun's Cylinder B, an inscription recording this king's restoration of a temple (probably Ezida) in Calah (pp.