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Noun1.Calamintha - calamint
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
family Labiatae, family Lamiaceae, Labiatae, Lamiaceae, mint family - a large family of aromatic herbs and shrubs having flowers resembling the lips of a mouth and four-lobed ovaries yielding four one-seeded nutlets and including mint; thyme; sage; rosemary
calamint - perennial aromatic herbs growing in hedgerows or scrub or open woodlands from western Europe to central Asia and in North America
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If you can provide good drainage, the lesser calamint (Calamintha nepeta) is a valuable, fine-textured, mint-scented perennial smothered in tiny pale lavender or white flowers from July until fall.
Constituents of Satureia calamintha, application of Eu(fod)2 to the assignments of methyl resonances of triterpenes related to 12-ursene, Org.
The active ingredients in the cream's composition include Calamintha (effective during upsets of the immune system and oncological diseases), Birch Extract (has powerful antiviral properties), Hedera helix (helps with burns, calluses, skin infection, inflammation, parasites, etc.), Chelidonium majus (possesses antiviral and immunomodulating effects.
Les hemicryptophytes, les geophytes et les phanerophytes occupent dans l'ordre les regions comme suit: hemicryptophytes: 14% a Hafir, 8% a Tlemcen, 4% a Sidi Djilali et 3% a Sebdou, nous avons Pallenis spinosa, Eryngium maritimus, Satureja calamintha, Ballota hirsuta, Rubia peregrina, Asparagus acutifolius; geophytes: 19% a Hafir, 6% a Sebdou, 6% a Tlemcen et 1% a Sidi Djilali, nous avons Allium nigrum, Allium roseum, phanerophytes: ils se placent en derniere position dans toutes les regions exceptee a Sidi Djilali oo elles occupent la quatrieme place juste avant les geophytes.
Panizzi, "Antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of Calamintha nepeta and its constituent pulegone against bacteria and fungi," Phytotherapy Research, vol.
castaneum, highlighting that at 1.14% EO concentration, only Calamintha glandulosa (Req.) Benth.
In Flora Europaea, Heywood and Richardson (Heywood et al., 1972) recognized 5 genera in the region including Calamintha, Acinos, Clinopodium, Micromeria and Satureja .
Chemical composition of essential oils and in vitro antioxidant properties of extracts and essential oils of Calamintha origanifolia and Micromeria myrtifolia, two Lamiaceae from the Lebanon flora.
Differential effects of two strains of Rhizo-phagus intraradices on dry biomass and essential oil yield and composition in Calamintha nepeta.
from Quetta, Chillian wala, Mingora, Poonch, Kaghan valley, Naran, Muree hills and Peshawar, on Calamintha umbrosa Rchb.
& Sesse ex Benth.) Kuntze2 [aproximadamente igual a] Calamintha macrostemum (Benth.) Kuntze = Clinopodium laevigatum Standl.