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Plural of calamus.
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Nat Calamis, a partner at Washington, D.C.-based law firm Carr Maloney, specializes in cyber law and states: "We're not seeing a lot of data breach claims that lead to actual litigation, because proving damages is difficult.
34, 71, oU il est question du sculpteur Calamis, qui excellait dans la representation de chevaux.
Si talem quales quotidie in usu legendi habemus, utique ex pellibus arietum, hircorum, vel vitulorum, sive ex biblis vel juncis orientalium paludum, aut ex rasuris veterum pannorum, seu ex qualibet alia forte viliore materia compactos, et pennis avium vel calamis palustrium locorum, qualibet tinctura infectis descriptos.
Nous n'avons vu ni les chevaux de Calamis, ni les chiens de Nicias, ni ce fameux chien de bronze se lechant une plaie ...
Hermes averted a pestilence from the city by carrying a ram round the walls; to commemorate this Calamis made an image of Hermes carrying a ram upon his shoulders.
The poet's brief mention of Linus at Ed 4.56-7--to claim that his own carmina could surpass even those of Orpheus and Linus--anticipates Linus's starring role in Eclogue 6, where he is entrusted with the privilege of passing down to Gallus the calami of Hesiod.
With these, may you tell the origin of the Grynean grove, lest there be any grove in which Apollo boasts more." Here we see Linus, in a scene drawing on both Hesiodic and Callim-achean dreams, passing down to Gallus the instruments (calami) that belonged to Hesiod.
(41) He is both a shepherd skilled in divinely inspired song and a magister who hands over the calami to his student Gallus.