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Noun1.Calan - a drug (trade names Calan and Isoptin) used as an oral or parenteral calcium blocker in cases of hypertension or congestive heart failure or angina or migraine
calcium blocker, calcium-channel blocker - any of a class of drugs that block the flow of the electrolyte calcium (either in nerve cell conduction or smooth muscle contraction of the heart); has been used in the treatment of angina or arrhythmia or hypertension or migraine
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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Yn Ynys Manaw, roedd 'na groeso mawr iddo am ei fod yn cael ei ystyried yn arwydd o'r gwanwyn, ac roedd y blodau'n cael eu sgeintio ar riniog y drws ar noswyl Calan Mai.
Pa bryd y mae a) Dydd Calan, b) Calan Mai, c) Calan Gaeaf?
Tenders are invited for Upgrading Health Center Calan Multifunctional City, County.
Other attractions at the festival which takes place between June 15-23 include concerts by Ensemble Cymru and Calan, and an evening of Welsh entertainment with Dafydd Hywel, Sue Roderick and Dewi Pws.
Trick-or-treating does a dis-service to the Welsh tradition of Calan Gaeaf.
Appearing at Bangor University this evening will be Folk singer Sian James, singer-songwriter and poet Gwyneth Glyn, African music and dance company Ballet Nimba, Welsh folk band Calan, singer-songwriter Jess Hall, Llandudno musician Mark Pavey, folk duo Olion Byw and singer-songwriter Tanya Walker.
Visitors are promised a feast of music from Sunday evening at a concert brimming with talented performers including opera star Rhys Meirion, comedian Tudur Owen and Calan.
Bellach mae'n cael ei chynnal ddydd Llun Calan Mai.
The funding will help to boost access to water and wastewater services for 180,000 inhabitants of the 6 towns including Brad, Calan, Deva, Hateg, Hunedoara and Simeria.
MUSIC - FOLK CARDIFF: St David's Hall (029 2087 8444), Breabach, Calan.
The full list is March 7, Rhyl Pavilion, charity concert with Mark Evans, Cr Rhuthun and CrYsgol Glan Clwyd; April 8, Galeri, Caernarfon, part of the International Harp Festival, with Sian James; May 1 - Millennium Centre with Calan, Sian James, Nolwen Korbell, Lleuwen Steffan and a Bagad - pipe band - from Brittany; July 2, Ruthin Festival; August 22, Gwyl Tegeingl Festival, Mold; October 16, Ucheldre Arts Centre, Holyhead, November 6, Arts Centre, Aberystw yth.