n.1.Quality of being calcareous.
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Many chemical and biological processes of soil include acidification, calcareousness, salinization, nutrient availability and toxicity, and cycling and microbial activity is controlled by soil pH [43].
While different scientists reported that the calcareousness of soils (like Pakistan) reduces Zn phytoavailability (Alloway, 2009; Hussain et al.
The low contents of organic matter may be due to the calcareousness nature of the soil.
Degree of base saturation is equal to 94-98%, which results from high content of humus, enrichment with montmorillonite minerals and calcareousness of parent rock material.
The soil reaction; calcareousness and salinity were determined by the established methods (Page et al.
The parent material variability (or geodiversity) may be caused by soil texture variations (from sand to clay), mineralogical and chemical composition, calcareousness and acidity.
Soil and fertility: Several soil conditions and farming practices in Pakistan are perceived as being likely to induce micronutrient deficiencies, including high soil pH, calcareousness of soils, low soil organic matter and the use of fertilizers poor in micronutrients.
Quarry spoil, as fresh calcareous parent material for soil development, had the highest pH value, in the other soils pH decreased according to soil development and decreasing of parent material calcareousness from North- to South-Estonia.
0), calcareousness, excess of carbonate and bicarbonate ions, ionic imbalances and soil pollution further aggravated deficiency of iron in the soil (Nayyar et al.
The data presented demonstrate the great importance of calcareousness and moisture conditions in the SOC retention capacity of soil.
Phosphorous fixation is a matter of great concern in soils of Pakistan due to alkalinity and calcareousness (Sharif et al.
The distribution of total SOC stocks in mineral soil cover by land use, SOC quality, soil calcareousness, and vertical distribution is given in Fig.