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also ten·do·ni·tis  (tĕn′də-nī′tĭs)
Inflammation of a tendon.

[New Latin tendō-, tendin-, tendon; see tendinous + -itis.]


(ˌtɛndəˈnaɪtɪs) or


(Pathology) inflammation of a tendon


or ten•do•ni•tis

(ˌtɛn dəˈnaɪ tɪs)

inflammation of a tendon.
[1895–1900; < New Latin tendin- (see tendinous) + -itis]


The inflammation of tendons. It can be caused by overuse of a muscle or group of muscles.
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Noun1.tendinitis - inflammation of a tendon
inflammation, redness, rubor - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat
lateral epicondylitis, lateral humeral epicondylitis, tennis elbow - painful inflammation of the tendon at the outer border of the elbow resulting from overuse of lower arm muscles (as in twisting of the hand)
tendonous synovitis, tendosynovitis, tenosynovitis - inflammation of a tendon and its enveloping sheath
zapalenie ścięgien


n tendinitis f; calcific — tendinitis calcificante
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Acute calcific tendinitis of the longus colli muscle.
For a year and a half, I was sleeping sitting up because of the pain in my left shoulder, from a condition called calcific tendinitis.
1,2 Successful results were obtained in acute and chronic inflammatory conditions including lateral epicondylitis, planter fasciitis and calcific tendinitis of the shoulder.
Worse, poor sitting posture also causes Calcific tendinitis whereas sitting in a wrong position for a long time creates natural pressure on the shoulder tendons cannot afford these tendons and deal with it causing tendonitis intense pain experienced by the patient in the shoulder area.
This phenomenon is referred to clinically as calcific tendinitis.
Acute calcific tendinitis of the longus colli muscle (CTLC) is a rare and self-limiting inflammatory disorder of the tendon insertions.
Less likely differential considerations include focal septic arthritis, calcific tendinitis with intraosseous penetration, gout, and seronegative spondyloarthropathic enthesopathy.
The radiological differential diagnosis includes periosteal chondroma, and if any intra-lesional calcification calcific tendinitis and synovial chondromatosis also kept in mind.
Shoulder Tendinopathy, especially Calcific Tendinitis - Painful limitation of shoulder movement due to calcification ?
Calcific tendinitis in unusual sites associated with cortical bone erosion.