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 (kăl-sīn′, kăl′sīn′)
v. cal·cined, cal·cin·ing, cal·cines
1. To heat (a substance) to a high temperature but below the melting or fusing point, causing loss of moisture, reduction or oxidation, and the decomposition of carbonates and other compounds.
2. To convert (liquid material, especially radioactive wastes) to granular solids by drying at very high temperatures.
To be calcined.
A substance produced by calcining.

[Middle English calcinen, from Old French calciner, from Medieval Latin calcīnāre, from Late Latin calcīna, quicklime, from Latin calx, calc-, lime; see calx.]

cal′ci·na′tion (-sə-nā′shən) n.
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Noun1.calcination - the conversion of metals into their oxides as a result of heating to a high temperature
oxidation, oxidisation, oxidization - the process of oxidizing; the addition of oxygen to a compound with a loss of electrons; always occurs accompanied by reduction
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The notification from IBAMA, a federal agency under the Brazilian environment ministry, and the court ruling came after the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainability of Par (SEMAS) on Tuesday ordered Alunorte to cut production of calcinated alumina by 50 percent.
After subsequent crushing of the tablets and homogenizing the calcinated mass by milling the mass was pressed again into tablets to fire ceramics at 1400-1550 K for one to three hours.
0 wt% and calcinated at 400 AdegC showed higher separation effects.
Based on reliable dating results (from charcoal or calcinated bones) Narva type pottery and therefore the Narva period in Estonia and Ingermanland (north-western Russia) dates to the period of 5200-3900 cal BC (Fig.
4]samples calcinated at 700[degrees]C, which exhibited the size of nanoparticles which formed nickel -zinc nanofibers of ferrite by TEM micrograph is about (28.
The mixture stirred for 8h at 100[degrees]C and finally the mixture calcinated at 600[degrees]C for 1 h in the presence of nitrogen to form iron oxide/activated carbon composite.
6 and calcinated at 750[degrees]C, 800[degrees]C, 850[degrees]C, and 900[degrees]C for 1,2, 3, 4, and 5 hours,
The used model composite brake material contains the following components: 1) calcinated petroleum coke which is a by-product of the coke refinery process which upgrades fuel oil by heating and cracking it to the higher valued gasoline, jet and diesel components.
In the calcinated distortions of Elisabeth Frink's Harbinger Bird sculptures of the early '60s, for instance, one begins to see a new kind of form, in which volumes and surface textures seem shaped directly by the unseen forces described in the civil defence films of the period--'heat', 'blast', and 'fallout'.
Chemical structure of MSN, calcinated MSN, MSN-ITZ and MSN-ITZ-CHI were evaluated by FTIR method.