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Contract award notice: Service for the autonomy of the disabled pupils appointed by the administration of the municipality of Calcinato - CIG: 71062517D5.
The contract deals with the provision of specialist assistance services for the autonomy and personal communication of disabled pupils resident in the municipality of calcinato and enrolled in the asilo nido, In the schools of childhood, Primary schools, Secondary schools of territory or other educational circles.
Contract notice: Tender for the award of the construction of a new video surveillance system on inter-municipalities of lonato, calcinato and bedizzole.
Construction of a new video surveillance system on inter-municipal territories of Bedizzole municipalities, Lonato and Calcinato, by installing cameras portals for the detection of vehicles in use, the main input / outputs of the three municipalities as specified in the tender documents .
Contract notice: Assign services for school catering for pupils of the nursery and primary schools and the city of calcinato, the youth center (cag).
The invitation to tender shall assign services to school transport for pupils attending schools in the municipal area of the following lines - Calcinato (line n.