calcium gluconate

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cal′cium glu′conate

a white powder, CaC12H22O14, used as a calcium dietary supplement.
[1880–85; gluconate a salt of gluconic acid, obtained by oxidation of glucose; see glucose, -onic]
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The factory staff immediately came forward to help, first smearing calcium gluconate gel onto the wounds and sent her to the hospital for emergency treatment.
Necessary treatment as per procedure was started i.e oxygen inhalation, injections Cefotaxime, Fortum, Grasil, Vitamin-K, Zantac, KCL, Calcium Gluconate and 1/V Fluid was given and all possible efforts were made by Doctors, but the child could not survive and expired on 20.02.2019 at 1:00 pm, due to Preterm, Neo Natal Sepsis, Low Birth Weight and Birth Asphyxia.
These medicines include injections of adrenaline, atropine, calcium gluconate, vitamin k and benzylpenicillin.
* After second centrifugation upper two third of PRP is discarded and lower one third - platelet-rich plasma is shaken for 1 min and can be used as such or after activation with either calcium chloride or calcium gluconate.
Different calcium salts, such as calcium lactate, calcium chloride, calcium phosphate, calcium propionate, and calcium gluconate, have been used in food industry for preserving and/or enhancing of the product firmness [18-20].
Calcium gluconate, normal saline, insulin, and bicarbonate were administered.
In other instances, research has shown that chitosan-coated strawberries retained more calcium gluconate than strawberries dipped into calcium solutions.
Proper management guidelines have not been formulated yet for this condition and different drugs including glucagon, insulin and calcium gluconate in titrated doses are being used with reasonable success rate.
Calcium salts for intravenous use are available as calcium chloride and calcium gluconate. Calcium chloride has 3 times as much elemental calcium as calcium gluconate has.
(4) Following the excessive intake of CCB and BB drugs, treatments, such as glucagon, calcium gluconate, and hyperinsulinemic euglycemia therapy (HIET) as well as vasopressor drugs and intravenous fluid therapy are used in cases with cardiovascular collapse.
The infusion of 10% calcium gluconate was initiated at a rate of 5.5 mmol/h and adjusted according to systemic ionized calcium.