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cal·car 1

n. pl. cal·car·i·a (kăl-kâr′ē-ə)
A spur or spurlike projection, such as one found on the base of a petal or on the wing or leg of a bird.

[Latin, spur, from calx, calc-, heel.]

cal·car 2

A furnace formerly used in glassmaking for calcination of materials into frit.

[Italian calcara, from Late Latin calcāria (fornāx), lime(-kiln), from Latin, feminine of calcārius, of lime; see calcareous.]


n, pl calcaria (kælˈkɛərɪə)
(Biology) a spur or spurlike process, as on the leg of a bird or the corolla of a flower
[C19: from Latin, from calx heel]


(ˈkæl kɑr)

n., pl. cal•car•i•a (kælˈkɛər i ə)
a spur or spurlike process.
[< Latin: spur]
cal′ca•rate`, adj.
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Calco (provides) complete range of High Performance Polymers, color and additives solutions, meeting the most critical operational requirements and technical specifications.
Pero la existencia de un equivalente paralelo en varias lenguas puede ser tambien el resultado de un calco usual.
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Se non giunge a essere un calco euripideo, Iride tuttavia della cultura classica esprime l'elemento dell'eros, concepito come complementare all'agape: "e la forza dell'eros che ha permesso ad Alcesti di salvare Admeto, trascendendo la sfera materiale deH'amore sessuale, ed elevandosi a forma di amore assoluto" (133), l'amore-dono sublimante dell'agape cristiana.