a.1.Belonging to calculation.
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Calculatory vat and customs duties are part of the limit.
Resilient subjects do not desire the security offered by sovereignty as much as they desire governance through calculatory and algorithmic technologies that regulate complex life.
As the whole field of everyday life becomes subject to the model of the 'firm', Brown reflects on the consequences this has for social solidarity, as we all become subject to marketisation--in our personal lives, our CVs, and in the calculatory grid which must nowadays be applied to the logistics of sexuality and family life.
Praxeology has nothing to say on the sequence of events during the transition It merely prohibits the adoption of a new money without a calculatory framework.
For calculatory reasons we will work with continuous variables, i.
1991) ("Any doubts regarding the calculatory precision of the
Before the first prototype of the bundle harvester was constructed, the concept was simulated in a study by Jylha (2004) using the Fiberpac 370 slash-bundler with a maximum calculatory compression of 0.
Postlethwayt argued that knowledge of algebra and geometry "will lead the merchant into the rationale of every calculatory qualification for which he may" have occasion [and] must be of use to prevent deception" [1757, p.
A sequence of behaviors placed into different orders of hierarchical complexity Order Name of Order of Example Hierarchical Complexity 0 Calculatory Simple Machine Arithmetic on 0's and 1's 1 Sensory & Motor Seeing circles, squares, etc.
The confounding of calculatory with rational thinking, creates the perception that whatever cannot be measured and reduced to numbers is illusion or metaphysics.
Similarly, on the novel's first page, Sybil is described in terms that evoke the weaving of the Jacquard loom, which forms the basis of the calculatory power of the difference engine that will ultimately engender the Modus: "Through quiet processes of time and information, threads within the human cells have woven themselves into a woman" (1).