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 (käl′də-rōn′), Felipe Full name Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinejosa. Born 1962.
Mexican politician who as president (2006-2012) sought unsuccessfully to stem a surge in violence associated with drug trafficking.
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Noun1.Calderón - Spanish poet and dramatist considered one of the great Spanish writers (1600-1681)Calderon - Spanish poet and dramatist considered one of the great Spanish writers (1600-1681)
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His nationality made Philip regard him as a representative of romance, and he asked him about Seville and Granada, Velasquez and Calderon. But Miguel bad no patience with the grandeur of his country.
"The sound of the first word was made by a tree," Esthela Calderon tells us in her poem "History," to which "the animals and waters answered." For those of us dwelling in concrete forests, it is all too easy to forget what goes on beyond the veils of so-called civilization and mass corporatization; what had to happen for everything to be just as it is.
Felony charges for grand theft and identity theft were filed against Alicia Calderon, 33, a former licensed insurance producer in California, after investigators reportedly discovered evidence that Calderon took money from and issued fraudulent policies for a commercial building and big-rig trucks.
The three -- Juan Calderon, 21, of Aurora; Emilio Guillen, 27, of Rockford; and Fredi Bautista, 26, of West Chicago -- each have been indicted on six counts of first-degree murder and one count each of unlawful possession of a firearm by a street gang member and unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon.
FILE - Antonio Calderon CAIRO -- 10 August 2018: Spanish manager, Antonio Calderon, is set to arrive in Cairo on Friday night to start his new job as Nogoom FC manager.
ANGONO, RIZAL - Mayor Gerardo Calderon, back from a six-month suspension imposed by the Office of the Ombudsman, led the Monday flag raising ceremony in the town and announced that he will continue his development and anti-crime programs.
It's two hours before tip-off, and Jose Calderon is working up a healthy sweat on the floor at Quicken Loans Arena.
Miguel Calderon 's first solo show in Mexico in eight years was met with both rumor and expectation.
IN GUILLermo Calderon's latest play, Kiss, a troupe of actors is working hard to figure that out as they stage a melodrama from Syria that they found on the Internet.