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n.1.(Min.) A hydrous sulphate of copper and lead, found in some parts of Caledonia or Scotland.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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These include arsentsumebite, tsumebite, corkite, fornacite, duftite, caledonite, kettnerite, linarite, leadhillite, brochantite, mimetite, pyromorphite, vanadinite and wulfenite.
Preliminary results indicate that these fragments may be related to the Caledonite Mountains, the extension in northern Europe of the Appalachian chain, she adds.
barytocalcite, hematite, quartz, aragonite, siderite, linarite, caledonite and mimetite.
Other species for which the area was a renowned source of collector specimens include plumbogummite, linarite, hemimorphite, caledonite, leadhillite, scheelite and apatite.
The receipt of a box of his minerals was acknowledged by Wright in May: he was "very much pleased with many of them." Wright's return box was dispatched in June and contained 110 specimens, including many supergene lead and copper minerals (pyromorphite, mimetite, linarite, caledonite, cerussite, etc.), barite, witherite, fluorite, and the Cornish rarity, fluellite.
The locality is well-known for fine examples of common secondary minerals such as cerussite, dioptase and wulfenite, and also for rarer species such as diaboleite, caledonite, bideauxite and leadhillite which represent some of the finest known examples of their species.
Fine examples of cerussite, dioptase, malachite, azurite, wulfenite, smithsonite and vanadinite have been collected there, as well as some of the finest known examples of a number of rarer species such as boleite, diaboleite, caledonite, hydrocerussite, linarite, matlockite and leadhillite.
During the hotel show period, word came that two California field collectors, Keith Wentz and Seth Dilles, had just struck superlative specimens of linarite and caledonite in quartz veins in a weathered gray schist near or in the old Reward mine in southern California, not too far from the old Blue Bell mine near Baker, where nice specimens of these two rare and colorful Pb-Cu sulfates were collected in the early to mid-1970's.
Caledonite [Pb.sub.5][Cu.sub.2](C[O.sub.3])(S[O.sub.4])[.sub.3](OH)[.sub.6]
This collection contained rarities including linarite, diaboleite and caledonite as well as wulfenite, azurite, malachite after azurite, cerussite and more.
Bariand also displayed some outstanding minerals from Iran including red wulfenite crystals, hydrozincite, orpiment, caledonite and murdochite.
Dan Caudle pleased everyone with a display of species, including diaboleite, caledonite, wulfenite and more from the mines at Tiger, Arizona.