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(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a brutish or brutalized man
[C19: after a character in Shakespeare's The Tempest (1611)]


(ˈkæl əˌbæn)

the ugly, beastlike slave of Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest (1611).
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You are a sort of monster," I added audaciously, "a Caliban who has pondered Setebos, and who acts as you act, in idle moments, by whim and fancy.
If you had told Sycorax that her son Caliban was as handsome as Apollo, she would have been pleased, witch as she was.
He felt as if he had come to look for Miranda and had been met by Caliban.
You are still yourself as now, and yet you are yourself no longer; you who, like Ariel, verge on the angelic, are but an inert mass, which, like Caliban, verges on the brutal; and this is called in human tongues, as I tell you, neither more nor less than apoplexy.
Jacob, you understand, was not an intense idiot, but within a certain limited range knew how to choose the good and reject the evil: he took one lozenge, by way of test, and sucked it as if he had been a philosopher; then, in as great an ecstacy at its new and complex savour as Caliban at the taste of Trinculo's wine, chuckled and stroked this suddenly beneficent brother, and held out his hand for more; for, except in fits of anger, Jacob was not ferocious or needlessly predatory.
Si nos detenemos en el punto de partida de Caliban, la primera interrogacion que surge es, desde luego: ?
Strikingly, however, at the same time that Caliban is working to construct models of other minds, he seems to be having trouble nailing down the conceptual forms proper to his own consciousness.
As for Caliban (also right), I wanted to free his hands up, so he could live on his hands and feet like a dog.
By means of this change and others, Lepage transformed Shakespeare's Caliban and Prospero," Whitt said.
A concurrent plot has Caliban treacherously conspiring with the royal party's drunken butler (Alfred Molina) and the cowardly tailor (Russel Brand) to kill Prospera and take Miranda for themselves.
Ese "otro" que alude al "monstruo" y al que Marti le conoce "las entranas" y su "apetito gigantesco," son los Estados Unidos, mascara de un Caliban al que no nombra.
Caliban finds happiness in Naples as the years pass and he develops a close bond with Miranda's daughter Chiara.