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Noun1.California coffee - evergreen shrub of western United States bearing small red or black fruitsCalifornia coffee - evergreen shrub of western United States bearing small red or black fruits
buckthorn - a shrub or shrubby tree of the genus Rhamnus; fruits are source of yellow dyes or pigments
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A lawsuit targeting California coffee houses for not including warning labels on their products tops the U.S.
Kurt Schrader, D-Oregon, alluded to the California coffee lawsuit as an example of misleading warnings.
Despite a Los Angeles judge's ruling that in California coffee must carry a warning label, there's little cause for concern.
Style seekers were able to kick back in the cool surrounds of the QFT and indulge in select, scrumptious bites and beverages from event sponsor, California Coffee, whilst enjoying eye-popping iconic portraits of models and movie stars.
Thirty-year-old Jason Ford of Hollywood got into sandboarding eight years ago, he says, when he met Beale at a Southern California coffee shop.
And there was a place called Ya-Ya's Tea House; there was the California Coffee House....So, I spent a lot of time going to these different venues.
The California Coffee Company, which sells hot drinks from converted police boxes in Edinburgh, thought they had bought every surviving box in the city from the council.

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