California condor

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California condor

A very large vulture (Gymnogyps californianus) found in the southern California mountains and nearly extinct.
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(ˈkɒn dər, -dɔr)

n., pl. con•dors for 1; condors, con•do•res (kənˈdɔr eɪs) for 2.
1. a New World vulture, Gymnogyps californianus (California condor) now extinct in the wild, or Vultur gryphus (Andean condor): the largest flying bird in the Western Hemisphere.
2. a former gold coin of Chile or Ecuador bearing the figure of a condor.
[1595–1605; < Sp < American Spanish < Quechua kuntur]
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Noun1.California condor - North American condorCalifornia condor - North American condor; chiefly dull black; almost extinct
condor - the largest flying birds in the western hemisphere
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The act protects more than 1,600 species and is credited with saving iconic wildlife including the bald eagle, grizzly bear and California condor. Industries including oil and gas, agriculture and ranching resist limits on their activities.
The Endangered Species Act is credited with helping save the bald eagle, California condor and scores of other animals and plants from extinction since President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1973.
Both of those efforts helped save the California condor, a vulture native to the western U.S.
In the Salinas Valley, the king of birds is the federally endangered California condor. There are roughly 90 birds in Central
Rather than conducting a study of the California Condor, researchers published a study of the blood lead levels of turkey vultures and common ravens in the journal, The Condor.
For example, 30 shirts were produced of the vaquita, 40 of the northern sportive lemur, 150 of the Cao-vit gibbon, 157 of the kakapo, 231 of the California condor, 350 of the Sumatran tiger, etc.
To address this issue, the California Assembly passed a law in 2008 requiring the use of non-lead ammunition for big game hunting in "California condor zones" in western and central California where the birds had been reintroduced.
THE endangered California condor is making a comeback in the wild three decades after the giant bird nearly became extinct.
To say the endangered California condor and the Condor Trail parallel each other is an understatement, to say the least.
Then there's "The Hateful Eight" (not nominated) captured on 65 mm Panavision, about as rare as the California condor.
"No one who has ever seen wild California condors circling majestically among the clouds will ever forget the riveting nature of the experience or question why we, as a society, should make every effort possible to promote the full recovery of this species."--" Noel and Helen Snyder, authors of Introduction to the California Condor

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