California sagebrush

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Noun1.California sagebrush - low ashy-grey California shrubCalifornia sagebrush - low ashy-grey California shrub  
genus Artemisia - usually aromatic shrubs or herbs of north temperate regions and South Africa and western South America: wormwood; sagebrush; mugwort; tarragon
sage brush, sagebrush - any of several North American composite subshrubs of the genera Artemis or Seriphidium
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California sagebrush (Artemisia californica) is a highly pungent, lacy-leaved, gray-leafed perennial with a proclivity for mounding up on slopes.
The site, once a farm, is being restored to its native San Diego heritage with plants such as California sagebrush, coastal sage, coast blue lilac, western sycamore, and monkey flower.
Garcia was educated by her grandparents, all Chumash healers, and will show safe medicinal uses of a dozen California plants, including white sage, black sage, mugwort, yerba santa, chia, California sagebrush and California bay.

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