California sea lion

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Noun1.California sea lion - often trained as a show animalCalifornia sea lion - often trained as a show animal  
sea lion - any of several large eared seals of the northern Pacific related to fur seals but lacking their valuable coat
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Our experiment with a California sea lion was designed to eliminate many irrelevant sources of stimulus control in an MTS task.
A Holiday Fantasea features the Pacific white-sided dolphins, beluga whales and a California sea lion showing off their beauty and natural behaviors, accompanied by multicultural holiday music and festive backgrounds from around the world.
The most common marine mammals known to inhabit and feed in the bay year-round include the California sea lion, the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), the short-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) and the long-beaked common dolphin (D.
The California sea lion population, found from offshore islands in Mexico north to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, has increased steadily throughout the latter part of the twentieth century (NMFS (2)).
This paper reviews the history of California sea lion exploitation in Mexico, based on all published and archival sources available to us.
Along with their wetlab lessons on molecular biology and sequencing techniques, the students have a much larger goal in mind: to sequence the complete genome of the California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) as well as its marine habitat.
Then on Monday the normally playful California sea lion crawled into a dry moat, circling digs reminiscent of his native Channel Islands.
Ono and Boness (1996) collected longitudinal growth data on California sea lion pups and found that males grew faster than females, but they found no other evidence of differential maternal investment.
BLUE LAGOON ISLAND, Bahamas -- First birthdays are a cause for great celebration and no exception was made to mark the birthday of baby sea lion Milo, the first California Sea Lion born in The Bahamas at Dolphin Encounters on Blue Lagoon Island.
The 10-month-old California sea lion is charming crowds at Knowsley Safari Park after moving south from Blackpool Zoo.
Other marine life, including the Stellar sea lion, the California sea lion and the harbor seal, can also be viewed.
The California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) is distributed from central Mexico to British Columbia, Canada.

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