California sycamore

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Noun1.California sycamore - tall tree of Baja California having deciduous bark and large alternate palmately lobed leaves and ball-shaped clusters of flowersCalifornia sycamore - tall tree of Baja California having deciduous bark and large alternate palmately lobed leaves and ball-shaped clusters of flowers
genus Platanus, Platanus - genus of large monoecious mostly deciduous trees: London plane; sycamore
plane tree, platan, sycamore - any of several trees of the genus Platanus having thin pale bark that scales off in small plates and lobed leaves and ball-shaped heads of fruits
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The garden is nearly maintenance-free, thanks to Lichtenwalter's use of water-wise plants such as purple hop bush for privacy, a California sycamore for shade, and Leucadendron 'Safari Sunset' and Eupborbia cotinifolia for color.
Not too long ago, Bob Ginn, who is in charge of landscaping at the Hollywood Bowl, replaced a fallen pine tree with California sycamore (Platanus racemosa) and western redbud (Cercis occidentalis) trees.
Sycamore, American sycamore, American planetree, American plane, California button, California sycamore, buttonwood, buttonball tree, planetree, water beech, ghost tree
This rule will eliminate situations like the California sycamore that was nominated in 1940, the first year of the Register, wiped out by a flood in 1969, but not dethroned until 1992 when the news finally reached AMERICAN FORESTS.
The tree species being planted in Seymour Park on November 7 include the California Sycamore, Valley Oak, California Black Oak, Armstrong Maple, Chinese Pistache, Frontier Elm, and European Hackberry.
Headliner is the California sycamore, whose leaves turn a dignified bronze in Big Sycamore Canyon, off Pacific Coast Highway about 10 miles west of Zuma Beach in Malibu.
People are seeing the outline of the Virgin Mary in the charred trunk of a California sycamore tree on the side of Sierra Highway north of Davenport Road.
The biggest champion in the south is a California sycamore growing near the Mission in San Juan Capistrano.
Featuring Coast Live Oak and California Sycamore trees arranged within a lush landscape, Lakeview's detailed landscaping mirrors the cultural diversity Southern California is known for.
California sycamore trees and fescue temper the striking lines of the driveway (made up of alternating strips of pebbles and concrete).
Ideally, all leaves will have fallen from deciduous trees, such as California sycamore and liquidambar, before you prune them, since total dormancy is not reached as long as some leaves are still attached.
State big tree coordinator Art Cowley contributed half of those, including a 464-point California sycamore and the aforementioned 629-point bluegum eucalyptus.

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