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"'Whereas, by a statute made in the reign of his imperial majesty Calin Deffar Plune, it is enacted, that, whoever shall make water within the precincts of the royal palace, shall be liable to the pains and penalties of high-treason; notwithstanding, the said Quinbus Flestrin, in open breach of the said law, under colour of extinguishing the fire kindled in the apartment of his majesty's most dear imperial consort, did maliciously, traitorously, and devilishly, by discharge of his urine, put out the said fire kindled in the said apartment, lying and being within the precincts of the said royal palace, against the statute in that case provided, etc.
"After extensive consultations with Letko Brosseau and several other large shareholders of Transat, we agreed to materially increase our price to ensure the transaction receives the necessary level of support at the Special Meeting of Shareholders of Transat," Air Canada CEO Calin Rovinescu said in a statement.
So strictly speaking, Christmas is still kept on December 25, which just happens to fall 13 days later on the Julian calendar day," Archimandrite Christopher Calin, dean of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection said, the ( Christian Post reported.
Air Canada has announced its President and Chief Executive Officer Calin Rovinescu has been recognized with the CEO Lifetime Achievement Award at the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) EXPO, the company said.
The plot for the sequel itself will take place after the end of Excellent Adventure, when futuristic mentor Rutus (George Calin) told Bill and Ted they would write music that would turn the world into utopia.
Christian Robinson attacked George Calin at Holly's Mini Market in Anfield after downing a cocktail of drink and drugs.
Municipal administrator Jun Calin, speaking on behalf of Mayor Edwin Pangilinan, said they found the penalty 'too harsh' for an offense that involved an amount of 'only' P22,400.
Ionut Calin, 40, of no fixed address, pinched the shirts from TK Maxx in Coventry - all on the same day - in a theft totalling PS1,229.
Featured Article: Calin GA, Dumitru CD, Shimizu M, Bichi R, Zupo S, Noch E, et al.
Lim and Hossam, seeded fifth in the tournament, overpowered Russia's Alexey Aleshchev and Romania's Calin Manda, 6-3, 7-5, to inch closer to the crown.