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1. Greek Mythology A nymph, beloved of Zeus and hated by Hera. Hera changed her into a bear, and Zeus then placed her in the sky as the constellation Ursa Major.
2. One of the four brightest satellites of Jupiter. Originally sighted by Galileo, it is the third largest satellite in the solar system.

[Latin, from Greek Kallistō, perhaps from kallistos, superlative of kalos, beautiful.]
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(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a nymph who attracted the love of Zeus and was changed into a bear by Hera. Zeus then set her in the sky as the constellation Ursa Major


(Celestial Objects) the second largest (but faintest) of the four Galilean satellites of Jupiter, discovered in 1610 by Galileo. Approximate diameter: 4800 km; orbital radius: 1 883 000 km. See also Galilean satellite
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(kəˈlɪs toʊ)

1. a nymph changed into a bear by Hera as punishment for a love affair with Zeus, and then transformed into the constellation Ursa Major.
2. a large moon of the planet Jupiter.
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Noun1.Callisto - the second largest of Jupiter's satellites
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Have we not seen, or by relation heard, In courts and regal chambers how thou lurk'st, In wood or grove, by mossy fountain-side, In valley or green meadow, to waylay Some beauty rare, Calisto, Clymene, Daphne, or Semele, Antiopa, Or Amymone, Syrinx, many more Too long--then lay'st thy scapes on names adored, Apollo, Neptune, Jupiter, or Pan, Satyr, or Faun, or Silvan?
Chiara Vinci, as Calisto sang with a ringing purity that melted in the mouth as she told of unspoken pleasures (what happens in Diana's grotto stays in Diana's grotto).
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