Call an ambulance

Call an ambulance   
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So I've compiled these two lists of when something is serious enough to go straight to A&E or, even so serious that you should call an ambulance.
Without this support, families tend to call an ambulance or go to A&E.
Peep Podder, a prominent doctor known to be familiar with Savisaar's health condition over many years who was present in court, advised the court to call an ambulance, which the court did.
They claim they called back around five times and allege that when they asked if they should call an ambulance they were told "it would cost too much".
Police are now trying to track down a key witness, who offered to call an ambulance for David following the incident at around 11pm on Wednesday in Durham Road at the junction of Granville Street.
Put in recovery position and call an ambulance if they do not respond to you.
uk A NURSE who failed to call an ambulance after a patient suffered a fracture in a fall has been banned from working alone for 18 months.
Anthony Minehan, 63, refused to call an ambulance when epilepsy sufferer Steven Weedon, 33, plunged from a "considerable distance" at the defendant's home in Park Road West, Southport, on March 26, 2014.
We call on people not to call an ambulance unless there is a real emergency", Sultan said.
When people call an ambulance when one is not required it means our precious time is being taken away from someone who really does need our help.
We therefore make the following recommendation: the Governor of Long Lartin should ensure that in the event of a hostage incident, staff call an ambulance immediately if there is any indication that a prisoner has been, or could be, injured.
The owner of the house requested police to call an ambulance for a woman who was inside the house.