Call note

the note naturally used by the male bird to call the female. It is artificially applied by birdcatchers as a decoy.

See also: Call

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See the call note history and work performed, for a customer, on one screen
Users will be able to make outbound calls, receive inbound calls, and take call notes
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 21, 2012--BofA to call notes due in December 2033(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 21, 2012--BofA to call notes due in December 2033(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Judging by the casting call notes, not all Italians will be portrayed positively.
Completing our circular walk, 10 or 15 newly-arrived redwings burst from a large yew tree - but one of the call notes was not the usual "sseeep" heard overhead on cold clear nights.
To ensure everyone is practicing personal risk management, morning roll call notes from the commander contain fresh safety tips and current snippets of Air Force-wide safety cross tells.
Easy access to FIRST CALL Notes broadcast reports in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (These reports include current and historical information on the total monthly volume of intra-day research notes distributed by each contributing U.
The three best-selling styles currently offered by totes weren't in existence three years ago, Call notes, including an automatic open and close umbrella and a minilight-weight umbrella made of aluminum fiberglass.
The new units, models TL6167, TL6168 and TL6169 offer name and number memory, new-call indicator, call summary key, trilingual display and message waiting indicator for voice mail and Call Notes services.
Audiospectrograms of 11 call notes of three individuals showed a dominant frequency band at about 2895 Hz (range, 2695 to 3235 Hz), measured to the midpoint of the band width, and a poorly defined secondary band at about 4630 Hz (range, 4390 to 5005 Hz), also measured to the midpoint of the band.
For example, a worker on the phone can look up the position of a customer's order and refer to past call notes entered into the system.