Call the police

Call the police   
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I--used to know the gentleman who sent you, so I think it will hardly be necessary to call the police. You may execute your song and dance, but do not sing too loudly.
"I suppose we ought to call the police in now," said he.
'If you choose to call the police, let the police find what they can.'
I'll call the police. Do you but give information of what she has stolen, and they'll lay hands upon her, trust me.
And don't you think he would have been anxious to call the police either.
"Thomas," she commanded, "go to the telephone and call the police. Why were you so long in answering?"
An Airdrie man whose worrying behaviour prompted a neighbour to call the police has been fined.
Move a safe distance away and, if you have a cellular phone, call the police.
He tried to kiss me until I managed to push him away and call the police. He snatched the phone and slammed it on the floor and refused to leave the room," said the woman.
The response text message sent from Maame Dakowa Anoma's phone read: 'Do not dare call the police. If you want her to die try it.
In a separate post, Rawal said that the professor stopped her lecture to call the police because of the female student's action.
"If you notice someone suspicious in the area, call the police or contact your local neighbourhood policing team for more advice.