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 (kə-yä′ō, kä-you′)
A city of west-central Peru on the Pacific Ocean near Lima. Founded in 1537, it is Peru's largest port.


(Spanish kaˈʎao)
(Placename) a port in W Peru, near Lima, on Callao Bay: chief import centre of Peru. Pop: 813 264 (2005 est)



a seaport in W Peru, near Lima. 560,000.
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As everyone knows, she collided with a derelict when ten days out from Callao.
In the Bay of Callao, during a calm day, I noticed, that as the ship dragged her cable over the bottom, its course was marked by a line of bubbles.
It is remarkable that whilst Talcahuano and Callao (near Lima), both situated at the head of large shallow bays, have suffered during every severe earthquake from great waves, Valparaiso, seated close to the edge of profoundly deep water, has never been overwhelmed, though so often shaken by the severest shocks.
Now, gentlemen, in square-sail brigs and three-masted ships, well-nigh as large and stout as any that ever sailed out of your old Callao to far manilla; this lakeman, in the land-locked heart of our America, had yet been nurtured by all those agrarian freebooting impressions popularly connected with the open ocean.
In Tambopata, children over five years of age were also immunized More than 1,300 children under the age of five have been vaccinated against measles in Callao and Puno, thanks to the mobilization of 199 health brigades of the regional directorates of said jurisdictions.
The company said the new 12m standard-cubic-feet-per-day steam methane reformer (SMR) is located in Callao, near Lima, Peru.
Limited supplies continued putting pressure on bunker prices in Callao, Peru and Guayaquil last week.
El viajero ingles Robert Proctor narro la conmocion sonora sentida en la ciudad de Lima a consecuencia del motin ocurrido en las fortalezas del Callao el 5 de febrero de 1824.
Despues de aparecer juntos con motivo de la reaparicion artistica de Chi quetete en el Teatro Callao de Madrid, todo son rumores sobre las posibles causas de su inesperada ruptura.
In 2015, we are projecting box traffic at Callao to grow by 2.
la del Cuyuni-Vey hasta la confluencia con el Venamo; y la del Botanamo [en estas cuencas] se encuentran localizados los centros urbanos mas importantes del Estado despues de Ciudad Bolivar, Ciudad Guayana y Upata, como consecuencia de la relativa facilidad que presenta su ocupacion; ellos son: Guasipati, Tumeremo, El Callao y El Dorado".
They were Michell Callao, Jessa Mae Callao, Almira Zuniga, Cherylyn Calum, Janice Baja, Dally Delos Ninos, Irene Acuna and Nikki Torres.