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1. The act or an instance of calling back from one location or situation to the previous one: a callback of laid-off auto workers.
2. A second or follow-up audition, especially as one of a set of such auditions for a role in a play.
3. A return telephone or radio call.
4. A recall of a recently sold product by the manufacturer to correct a defect.


an invitation to someone who has attended an interview, audition, etc to attend a subsequent round in a selection process


or call′-back`,

1. a summoning of workers back to work after a layoff.
2. a request to a performer to return for further auditioning.
3. a return telephone call.
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Noun1.callback - a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair)
asking, request - the verbal act of requesting


[ˈkɔːlbæk] N (Comm) → retirada f (de productos con defecto de origen)
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They created applicant profiles on paper or electronically and then measured callbacks for job interviews.
After waiting in queue for more than an hour, she connected to a customer service rep who informed her that the airline abandons callbacks if the queue is longer than 60 minutes.
The rate of callbacks depended on the type of job being offered.
When deploying callback it is imperative that the systems integrate with your current queuing approach rather than requiring wholesale changes, or worse, a dedicated queue for callbacks.
CnC servers are used heavily during the lifecycle of an attack to maintain communication with an infected machine by way of callbacks, enabling the attacker to download and modify malware to evade detection, extract data, or expand an attack within a target organization.
We asked the builders about customer callbacks or construction-related complaints during the previous 12 months, how they responded, and how they are striving to improve their quality controls.
Honestly, I don't mind callbacks," says Robert Criner, owner of Criner Construction based in York, Va.
Auditions for all youth roles will be held on Saturday, with possible callbacks on Sunday.
The specification of each parameter includes: attributes, relationships with other parameters, and callbacks.
The improved availability of skilled labor has helped builders maintain construction quality, limit customer complaints and callbacks, and respond to problems promptly Ongoing efforts by company management to reduce and deal with callbacks also has bolstered quality and enhanced customer satisfaction.
This past winter brought unusually heavy snows to many regions of the country, setting the stage for roofing callbacks.
Until now, credit and collection organizations had no way of truly measuring unattended campaigns including the callbacks they generated or dollars ultimately collected from the messages.