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vt sepweg- or abrufen; I was called away on businessich wurde geschäftlich abgerufen; he was called away from the meetinger wurde aus der Sitzung gerufen
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In aid of the kind deception to be practised on his daughter, Miss Pross was to write, describing his having been called away professionally, and referring to an imaginary letter of two or three hurried lines in his own hand, represented to have been addressed to her by the same post.
Well, and so just as the carriage came to the door, my uncle was called away upon business to that horrid man Mr.
Here Catherine, who was much less gratified by his admiration than by General Tilney's, was not sorry to be called away by Mr.
I had the presence of mind to say that their father had been called away on business."
The General was called away for a moment to give some instructions to the young officer who was sitting in a distant corner of the room with a telephone band around his head.
But Martin turned away, leaving him to tell it to the barkeeper, until that worthy was called away to furnish drinks to two farmers who, coming in, accepted Martin's invitation.
Mirabel's wonderful eye for character, Miss Plym is called away to the piano.
But the head of the department was called away to the telephone, and in her mind the splendid promise of the carpets and the irk of the pocket-book were thrust aside by a greater doubt and anxiety.
My letters will say I am privately married, and called away unexpectedly to join my husband.
It was very strange to walk through the streets on a Sunday morning, and note how few of them the barbarous jangling of bells that was driving the sick and nervous mad, called away from their own quarter, from their own close rooms, from the corners of their own streets, where they lounged listlessly, gazing at all the church and chapel going, as at a thing with which they had no manner of concern.
Willoughby imagine, I suppose, when his looks censured me for incivility in breaking up the party, that I was called away to the relief of one whom he had made poor and miserable; but HAD he known it, what would it have availed?
How can he love you when he knows you may be called away from him any minute?