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Noun1.Callionymidae - dragonets
fish family - any of various families of fish
order Perciformes, order Percomorphi, Perciformes, Percomorphi - one of the largest natural groups of fishes of both marine and fresh water: true perches; basses; tuna
dragonet - small often brightly colored scaleless marine bottom-dwellers; found in tropical and warm temperate waters of Europe and America
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picturatus, belonging to the family Callionymidae (Gobiesociformes).
Dentro de estos grupos, las diez especies de mayor demanda son: Amphiprion ocellaris (Pomacentridae); Chromis viridis (Poma-centridae); Labroides dimidiatus (Labridae); Chry-siptera hemicyanea (Pomacentridae); Salarias fascia-tus (Blenniidae); Chrysiptera cyanea (Pomacentridae); Paracanthurus hepatus (Acanthuridae); Synchiropus splendidus (Callionymidae); Pseudanthias squamipinnis (Serranidae); Acanthurus leucosternon (Acanthuridae), mismos que representan el 36% de todos los peces comercializados (Wood, 2001).
Regarding distribution of the sampled eggs per family, Engraulidae (89%) family is the dominant family and is followed by Clupeidae (8%), Labridae (1%) followed by other families which are less than 1% (Gadidae, Serranidae, Carangidae, Sparidae, Callionymidae, Mugilidae, Bothidae and Soleidae) (Fig.
Addition of the blacklip dragonet, Synchiropus atrilabiatus (Garman 1899) (Pisces: Callionymidae) to the California ichthyofauna.
Dragonets of the family Callionymidae are bottom-living fishes frequently found on sand, mud, or dead coral rubble.
New fishes of the family Callionymidae, mostly Philippine, obtained by the United States Bureau of Fisheries Steamer "Albatross." Proc.
acutus stranded on the coast of northern Europe have contained otoliths of blue whiting (Micromesistius poutassou), tacauds (Trisopterus spp.), horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus), pilchard (Sardina pilchardus), sand lances, pollock (Pollachius virens), whiting (Merlangius merlangus), haddock, gobies (Gobiidae), dragonet (Callionymidae), and argentine (Argentina sphyraena), (Desportes, 1985; Rogan et al., 1997; Santos et al., 1995 (1), 1996 (2)).
Dragonets (family Callionymidae) are small, often colorful, benthic fishes found in coastal tropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, but primarily in the Indo-West Pacific (Nelson 1994).